Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nurses and life

Amy and Will are good nurses for Katie. They fetch whatever she needs: pillows, tylenol, iced tea or whatever. Amy follows her back and forth to the "indoor plumbing room". They are happy to give up piano or guitar practice so that they don't disturb her (ok, it probably wouldn't bother her but they did it anyway). Will is helping Amy and I clean the kitchen after dinner everyday. they are really stepping up to the plate and being helpers for Greg and I.

We are continuing school to keep up with our routine. However, I have noticed my oldest pupil sleeping through some of her classes. She is so far ahead in school that a few naps won't hurt and she did just have surgery 5 days ago. Its pretty funny to walk in and see her flaked out. Hershey loves having a sofa mate all the time.

Greg put a ceiling fan up in the "sewing room" which is Katie's temp bedroom. We have been wanting one for a couple of years and this was the perfect time. He also put up a new shower head in our bathroom with a hand held attachment. These things are great for Katie and we all get to enjoy them too!'

Tomorrow we are going to debate class. Her topic is "are inflatables dangerous?". Great topic and very timely. She and I came up with it sitting in the hospital. Yesterday, we had fun with the pros and cons. On Thursday, we have another dr.s appt. Time to clean the leg again. Friday is the last science class for all 3 kiddies. So it will be a busy couple of days.

Totally different subject.....Greg got us pool chemicals and now its not green anymore. Yeah!!! It looks pretty good. We are ready for homeschool PE class. And just lazying around and having races....they will probably all beat me this year. But a mama's gotta try.

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  1. Way to go Amy and Will! Y'all are awesome kids.
    Katie, heal quickly.