Saturday, March 28, 2009

BEFORE and AFTER (the real story!)

Yea, we are having 5 minutes of fun now!!!

That wasn't the real story!

Here's what really happened:

Juan Valdez, the leader of the Columbian Coffee Cartel ambushed Katie and kidnapped her for using Community Coffee. As he was speeding away with the coffee and Katie, she reached into the front seat of the Ford SUV and grabbed the steering wheel away from the coffee henchmen and caused the vehicle to rotate and spin in a tremendous crash up over the guardrail and down the side of the interstate. As the SUV came to a halt on its side, Katie began smelling gas, the car kind, not the pull my finger kind. She knew she had to extract herself quickly, but her ankle had caught in the car seat strap. (Juan may be the unscrupulous leader of an international coffee cartel, but he still has to take the kids to daycare!). Anyway, in her effort to get away from the dripping gasoline and the crumbled SUV, she realized her ankle had broken in the SUV crash and rollover. Unfortunately for Juan, he did not survive the crash and abduction.

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