Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie Lynn

Happy Birthday Miss Katie Lynn (yeah, I know her middle name is not officially Lynn but she inherited it since its mine and Amy's middle name)

Katie is a very diligent homeschool student. She knows what to do and gets it done...and makes great grades in the process. She loves to cook and be creative in the kitchen. Reading, arts and crafts, and music are among her favorite things. She has beautiful curly hair and big brown eyes. She is a beautiful, Christian young lady and I am proud to call her my daughter.

Check out the pictures. My favorite is the blue tongue picture. She picked out the cupcakes with the tongue=staining icing.

We started out the day with opening some birthday envelopes from parents and grandparents and a cutesy flowered nightshirt from Aunt Brenda. Then we went shopping. New sandals and a new shirt were found. Then on to CiCi's pizza for lunch. Afterwards, we walked around our new JC Penney's that just opened yesterday. Last night was Tossed Salad with Popcorn Chicken and cheddar garlic biscuits (think Red Lobster biscuits). Then more gifts and those yummy cupcakes.

It was very cold here yesterday, with wind and misty nastiness. This morning we woke up and found out is snowed last night. It was just a dusting here but then I talked to my mom this afternoon and she had 2-3 inches on the ground! Where is that pesky groundhog when you want to wring his neck?

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  1. Happy Birthday Katie. I held a gator on your birthday... that was for you.
    You are a beautiful girl inside and out. I love you and I am so proud of you. You have excelled in all your studies and have such a loving and kind spirit.
    Aunt Bri