Saturday, March 7, 2009

Redneck Riviera

Somebody put this anchor in our way!

If my sister can go on a cruise, then I can afford a weekend get away on the Riviera, The Redneck Riviera. We took a trip to LA! Lower Alabama for the uninitiated.

It is the beach within reach. We have always wanted to go to spring break, so here we are. It is Will's birthday weekend. We are celebrating with tours of Fort Morgan, a civil war fort guarding Mobile Bay. We took a long walk on the beach, looking for shells, and trying to avoid the jelly fish washed up on the shore. The waves were kickin' but we were chickin' to get in them cause it is still the first part of March and the water is COLD! We found a good oyster bar for dinner, and now it is back to the RV for a good long rest. Tomorrow is Bellengrath Gardens, and Monday is the USS Alabama.

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  1. Yeh... for you. I wish I was there. I wish I was any beach right now. Happy, happy, birthday Will. You are awesome! You have a heart of gold. You are a great cousin. Charlie loves hanging out with you. Stop growing because you are going to be taller than everyone in the family! I have looked up to you since you were 12 or 13. Love Aunt Bri