Thursday, March 12, 2009

Will's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our youngest son is now 15 years old. Getting to know Will these last 3 1/2 years (since Greg and I have been married) has been so much fun. Will has the biggest brown eyes and incredibly long eyelashes. He has been blessed with a "heart of gold" and the amazing ability to make friends with anyone. In a typical teenage boy fashion, he can out-eat any of us and not gain an ounce. I have been through this phenomenon with James and Allen and it still astounds me. He is still getting taller and taller and has passed James and Andy in height. I think his goal is to pass Allen but he has got a number of inches to go to accomplish that goal. He likes to help in the kitchen and loves to help Dad with anything. He is a wonderful, Christian young man and we are so proud of all that he is!

He started celebrating his birthday on Saturday when Dad took us out to eat a yummy seafood dinner. Monday (his real birthday) started with a yummy egg and bacon breakfast in the RV in Gulf Shores. Then we went to Battleship Park in Mobile to tour the battleship and submarine. Dinner was at home...Dad made chicken and vegie stir fry for us to chow down on. (The kids have told Greg that stir-fry is his "specialty dish", just in case Greg is ever on H's Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey) He wants apple crisp for his birthday dessert and its coming on Sat. when we have a cookout.

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  1. Yummm apple crisp. Save me some! Happy belated birthday Will. You are a wonderful kid. (You will always be a kid to me) You are growing up way too fast. But you are so smart, loving and fun. You always make us laugh. We love you.