Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Weekend

Oh my! We had a very busy weekend! Saturday morning started out at Chick Fil A - chicken biscuits, hash browns and sweet tea! So yummy! Then we hit Lowe's. Well, I guess we didn't really hit it...we pulled our van into the parking lot, parked in a space and then walked into the garden department. Whoo Hoo, spring is here. There were sooooo many flowers and trees and stuff to look at. Katie and Amy picked out peach trees and we are going to go back and get a couple and see how they do. I picked out some Leeland Cypress trees to plant on the street side of our backyard fence, to block more of the pool view from the street. We will be purchasing these in the next month. We bought some paving cement blocks to build a driveway in our side yard for the RV. And we bought some mulch for the corner flower bed by the street.

Greg, Will, and James started working on the paving stones. I got busy on the weeding the flower bed (more weeds than flowers when I started). Katie and Amy worked on 2 other flower beds. The boys had to make another run to Lowe's to buy the rest of the blocks and more mulch. They dug blocks of sod up to place the blocks in the yard. The sod blocks went to bald spots in the yard.

By the end of Saturday (actually the end of our energy), the corner flower bed was completely weeded. I layed newspaper down before we put the mulch out, hopefully this will cut down on some of the weeds. The girls helped alot with this. My bender-overer (back and legs) decided I had done enough. I scooped mulch into their buckets and they spread it for me. We still ran out of mulch, but what is done looks great!

Sunday, we were bums and skipped church. We called in all the troops (James, Allen and Andy) to help with the rest of the paving blocks. Greg got the yard cut and I weed whacked. It looks so good. Now the neighbors can't give directions to their house by saying, turn at the corner by the house with the weed in the yard!!!!!!

The pool is full of little pollen pod thingies that have fallen from the trees. So, we have got to get it cleaned up. I've swept it a couple of times but it is time for some chemical intervention. water is really not supposed to be that color.

To completely change the subject...
I got an invitation to join AARP today. It quite distresses me to know that in 6 months, I am eligible to join. Donna, you are going to turn 50 this year, what are you going to do next....I am going to Disney World!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About 16 days after my birthday. Mom is going to be 70 in a couple of weeks and she is going to Disney with us. We are celebrating at the "Happiest Place on Earth". Maybe we will find her a King Charming. I've already got my Prince!

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  1. Just reading your post made me tired. That was alot of work. Congrats on your accomplishments! Disney does sound fun and there is no better place to celebrate a big birthday.