Friday, March 20, 2009

What a week!

Ever had one of those weeks. You know, when Friday gets finished about all you have strength left to do is blend your favorite adult beverage and collapse on the sofa. Monday was the day we found an error in our computer programming that worked out fine, but could have just as easily worked out with several of us looking for new income opportunities. Tuesday, while completely minding my own business some #@$%&* jerk couldn't understand that you stay in line on the interstate when you are merging with oncoming traffic, you don't pass then get pissed when the safe driver doesn't get out of your way. She didn't know how to drive, but she did know how to complain to my boss. (The dangers of putting your business on the side of your truck!) I suppose the real blessing is that I just shook my head at her and said bless her heart instead of using one of the few sign language symbols that I know. Wednesday and Thursday were used up sitting in a conference gaining vast sums of somewhat useless knowledge, but hey, I did make it to 100% of the event. The hardest part was walking by the brownies with chocolate icing during the breaks because I am sticking to my portion control life change. The worst part was I saved room for a small brownie on the last day and wouldn't you know it, they showed up with fresh cut veggies and lite ranch. ARGH! Now Friday has arrived. It started with a visit to the Doc and a scheduled MRI for next week. I am afraid my career opportunities in Major League Baseball are almost finished. It only hurts when I move my arm.

Here's hoping your week was better! and to the lady in the little brown car, you can kiss my .......

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  1. Dude, that was a rough week. Was the 'handi-capable' lady on the phone or texting while trying to run you off the road? That's my favorite. I do think it is funny she had the time to call and complain but no time to merge correctly.
    Hope your weekend was better. Oh, and.. way to go on passing up the brownies. You health nut you.