Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trimalleoler Fracture (Mandatdonlukgood)

This is a picture of the big scar in the making. The other side of Katie's leg looks like this, only half as long. The Doctor's name for the fracture is Trimalleoler. The latin is mandatdonlukgood.
It is also known as a Harvey Fracture. Katie was well taken care of at the doctor's and surgeons. Now we just wait for her to heal. I know our regular readers (all 4 of you) have already heard what happened. Let me tell you the real story.
It started last Thursday as I was out of town. You may not know that I've started drinking coffee for breakfast. My sister swears it gets her thru the day without having to hit the rum, so I thought I would give it a try. We picked Community Coffee with Chickory, the New Orleans Blend. That was the start of Katie's troubles. She was preparing the coffee in the maker on Thursday so I could have it ready the next time I wanted some. As she was counting the tablespoons of the New Orleans blend a treible crash starteled her. It was Juan Valdez breaking in thru the garage. He snatched the coffee from her. In his effort to get away, he didn't notice that Katie's shoe string got snared in his lead for the donkey. Well what a sight they must have made gallopping on a donkey down Thorngate with stolen coffee and Katie hopping behind trying to free herself. Well, they made it to the stop sign, and the donkey lurched to a halt. (it was a God fearing legalistic donkey. Juan could have learned a thing or two from his donkey). Anyway, Katie gave one last tremendous thrust pirroette (ballet move) and kicked Juan in the back of the head and killed him deader than Memphis' chances to win a national championship. Unfortunately, she sustained a trimalleoler fracture in her effort to escape the clutches of Juan Valdez and his legalistic donkey. The good news is she was able to rescue my coffee. The bad news is Juan's wife, Juanitta is sueing Katie for causing the death of her husband.

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